Nomadic people, childhood

“There (in the desert) no one dreams of get to be, because everyone already is.”


“I keep clearly the memories of my childhood: I wake up with the sun. Next to me are the goats of my father They give us milk and meat, we will conduct them where there is water and grass … So did my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my. father … and me. In the world there was nothing further, and I was very happy!


… At the age of seven is already permitted to the child to move away from the camp to learn things that will be important in the desert: sniff the air, hear, learn how to look, learn to be guided by the sun and stars. And to let be led by the camel. If you lost yourself, the animal will take you where there is water.
There, everything is simple and profound. There are few things in the desert and each one, has great value.


There, every little thing gives us happiness. We feel a great joy for the simple fact that we play, we are together! There, no one dreams of get to be, because everyone already is. ”

Excerpt from an interview to Moussa Ag Assarid, a Tuareg studying at a University in France, by Catalan’s journalist Victor M. Amela.