Celebritys in Morocco – Yves Saint-Laurent

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Yves Saint-Laurent had an enduring love affair with Marrakech which began with his first trip in 1966 “When I discovered Marrakech, it was an extraordinary shock. The city taught me color”, he said.


According to Saint-Laurent’s life-long partner, Bergé, “When Yves Saint-Laurent and I arrived in Marrakech, we did not know that this city would pay such an important role in our lives, that we would by three houses here including that of Majorelle with its famous garden (Saint-Laurent’s ashes were scattered here after his death in 2008), or that Morocco would became our country of adoption, our second homeland.”

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YSL Collections

The legendary designer is famed for reinventing traditional Moroccan attire, such as the jellaba, the burnous and the tarbouch, creating new silhouettes worn by fashion’s most stylish women.

Something you must know: Majorelle’s gardens is one of the sites most visited in Morocco and is open to the public every day of the year, along with the Berber Museum where you can be introduced to berber culture, life traditions, berber jewelry and costumes.